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Mongolian script

Mongolian script tattoo

Mongolian Script Tattoos Beautiful tattoos using the old mongolian script Mongolian Script Tattoos I am overwhelmed by the interest in Mongolian Script Tattoos. Basically a Mongolian Script Tattoo is a tattoo that uses the old Mongolian script that is written in vertical way. This script has a beautiful calligraphic style and elegance. It is written

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a badass sunburn tattoo

Sunburn Tattoo

A crazy trend: Sunburn Tattoos There is a breeze coming in from the Pacific Ocean here were I sit at a beach near Panama City. While not the classical beach holiday destination, there are still many tourists particularly from the US but also from other places that spend way too much time on the beach

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Buddhist monk working on a tattoo

Sak Yant Tattoo

Sak Yant Tattoos In the last years, I have seen more and more people having traditional Thai tattoos on their backs, shoulders and chest. That picked my interest and I researched about this traditional tattoo art and technique. Here is what I found out:  What is a Sak Yant Tattoo Sak Yant Tattoos sometimes also

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Tattoo artist creating a work

Mongolian Tattoo

Mongolian Tattoo Best Mongolian Tattoo 2017 Tattoo scene in Mongolia Mongolia has become a hot spot of tattoo artists. Tattoos have become a mainstream occurance in Mongolian society. Besides, the range of tattoos is extremely wide. Featuring minimalistic tattoos as well as large scenes. Internationally, there is also an increased interested in tattoos featuring Mongolian

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