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Tattoo scene in Mongolia

Mongolia has become a hot spot of tattoo artists. Tattoos have become a mainstream occurance in Mongolian society. Besides, the range of tattoos is extremely wide. Featuring minimalistic tattoos as well as large scenes.

Internationally, there is also an increased interested in tattoos featuring Mongolian script. 

A source of some Mongolian tattoos can be found here. The last article is from 2016 and the webmaster hasn’t posted anything since, but it is still an interesting reference. 

Acceptance of Tattoos in Mongolia

During communist times, people and especially the official opinion regarded tattoos as a sign of subversive elements of society.

This has changed. Many young people are open minded about tattoos and there are more and more people getting tattoos in Mongolia. 

Teachers, officials or bank clerks should not show their tattoos at work, but apart form that there is no discrimination in social life against people who have tattoos. 

More and more Mongolians show interest in a wide aspect of tattoo culture and show their tattoos in social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. 

Tattoo artists in Mongolia

Most tattoo artists can be found in Ulaanbaatar. Here, around Seoul Street, there are several art studios. This is a list of some of the tattoo studios in Ulaanbaatar: 

  • Viva Tattoo studio on Beatles street,
  •  Badgaa’s tattoo studio near the Chinese and Indian Embassies
  •  Tulgaa Tattoo artist

On the internet, your best bet is flocking to the big social media networks. Have a look at  GrayInkTattoo (Facebook) or head over to KA (Instagram).

Mongolian script tattoos

Traditional Mongolian script is a beautiful form of writing that developed by Uyghur masters around 1000 years ago and adopted by Mongolians. 
The script is famous for its calligraphy style and wide swings and rounded writing from top to bottom. This makes it perfectly suitable for tattoos – adding a tone of mystery to the tattoo in question. 

Today, Mongolian script is used by ethnic Mongolians in northern China. Mongolians in Mongolia use Cyrillic script for official documents and a mix of Cyrillic and Latin for digital communication. Still, the traditional script can be read by most Mongolians as well and is celebrated as a cultural achievement. 

Before getting a Mongolian script tattoo, you might also want to try a Mongolian script calligraphy on your skin and experience it. Check out our article with an upcoming calligraphy artist here.