Fux Karachovic in Mongolia

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Introducing: Fux Karachovic

Fux is a Czech artist working with brushes and markers to create calligraphy. In May and June 2019 he came to Mongolia. We met at a salsa party (Fux is a great dancer!) and we at Skin and Canvas had the chance to talk with him. This was his second time in Mongolia, a country to which Fux has a special connection: He might be the only European calligrapher using Mongolian script. This time, he was invited by the Czech embassy to perform at the EU day. 

Fux Karachovic

An artist's journey

Fux started his artistic journey as a young teenager helping to renovate old Jewish cemeteries in Czech Republic. Fux supported a Jewish renovator to preserve jewish tombstones. 

Through this work, he was confronted with Hebrew scripts and has been fascinated with scripts ever since. In parallel to his work, he created first calligraphies. He started becoming interested in languages based on his love for scripts. Parallel to the school, he took artistic courses and try out different approaches of what to do. 

Interviewing Fux

Artists inspired by Fantasy

As a teenager, Fux was also inspired by the many books, movies and role plays of fantasy genre. He even learnt some scripts that only exist in these worlds including the iconic scriptures of Lord of the Rings. Today, the subcultures that are deeply engaged in fantasy literature have a strong impact on Fux. 

Mongolian Script - love on first sight

Due to his obsession with scripts, Fux studied linguistics at the university in Brno, Czech Republic’s second biggest city. A professor introduced several scripts of Asia to the class, including Chinese. But on the cover of the textbook, there was the Mongolian script and Fux fell in love. 

Fux went ahead and copied Mongolian script without knowing the language. The resources on Mongolian script was quite limited – finding information online and in books but then complimented by advice from Mongolians living in Czech Republic. 

In Mongolia, Fux sometimes collaborates with Sergelen and Tamir – two very renowned Mongolian calligraphers.


Calligraphy on Skin

Here at Skin and Canvas we have many visitors that are interested in Mongolian script and want to find out more about it. Many people are fascinated having scripts on their skin and Fux started to create scripts on skin. Step by step learning about the medium ‘skin’ and which tools and methods are used. Fux used Czech, French and English word phonetics and write them in fascinating scripts on skin. 

Temporary art

While Fux started supporting the renovation of tombstone, in other words calligraphy ‘set in stone’. Fux now works on skin which is very temporary. There are two ways for this: Working with photographers to really capture it and/or to perform at an event. During the actual art creation phase, Fux doesn’t interact with the audience. Before or after, he loves to discuss with the audience about art, language and calligraphy.

Fux creating calligraphy at events

One event here in Mongolia was the EU day on which he performed for about 100 people at the main square of Mongolia, representing his country. 

Usually, event organizers create the event and promote it to get people on board. Fux has then the freedom to fully focus on the creation of art. 

A poem: Angel

This is a poem that Fux has created and that he writes in Mongolian phonetics using the old Mongolian script: 

Unicorns and sunshine,
summer friendships by the sea,
All the freedom and joy.

This is not the world I remember.

Danving in the moonlight,
Proses and Pina colada,
and her smile.

This is not my world.

The blind stupidity
The reckless shame
The unending fame. 

But don’t worry, dear. I am your angel now. 

Tools that Fux uses

For skin, Fux used markers. Mostly filled with acrylic paint. This is not specific body paint colors, but if used only once a while it is perfectly fine. 

In terms of working on paper or canvas, Fux uses brushes – often very large brushes that create a wonderful atmosphere.

Fux worked in an atelier before, but now often either at festivals and/or in parks. Fux works in a very “freestyle” way. Adding colors, performance, and non traditional methods. 

Tattoo vs. Body Painting

Tattoos are a perfect way to express oneself. “something very interesting”. Fux will get a tattoo in about a month and this was a gradual process. Fux has painted a symbol on his face for the last 13 years and is at the moment at a point in time to make it permanent.

Tattoos are “very expressive” as Fux said. Some people love it, others hate it. So skin painting can be a way to understand how a tattoo could work. 

Henna or Jagua are two options to create something a bit more permanent than just a marker. 

Face Paint Symbol

For the last 13 years, Fux has painted a face painting on his right temple. Starting with a symbol and then moving towards a calligraphy. Currently, Fux creates the Mongolian word for wolf “Chon” in his traditional Mongolian calligraphy. He does that every morning and depending on the day and activities, he updates it during the day. 

In the future, he wants to cooperate with a tattoo artist in Prag to get a permanent tattoo that represents his love for calligraphy and at the same time the artistic freedom of the tattoo artist. Calligraphy is the art form that Fux wants to do for his life and create more in this area. 

Meet Fux

Next possibility to meet Fux is at JunkTown festival in Europe on June 20-23! Fux is going to perform Prophet of unity and a smaller performance at the same festival for NoFuture – a postapocalyptic club. Later in the year, Fux might also come back to Mongolia’s Gobiburn

Find him also on his Facebook page Fux Calligraphy” and Facebook profile “Fux Karachovic”. Same names for Instagram. Check out the voice records which are much more in-depth than this article. Check it out! 

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