Face Paint Ideas

From Tigers to Skulls.
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We love creating face paintings! Expressing and expanding our abilities as artists, creating something fun and lighting up parties. Most of all, we love the feedback and happy faces and big thanks we receive on the way. Use the best quality face paint for it. We guide you through the pitfalls, have tested hundreds of paints and will review the top face paints here.

Cats and Tigers

Tiger Face Paint
simple three color face paint (and potentially red lip paint)
Two wild cats
Two wild cats. Again, just three colors each!

Skulls and Skeletons

Cute Skull Face
a two color work
Face Skull Paint
multiple color face paint
Two wild cats
Two wild cats. Again, just three colors each!

Easy Face Painting Ideas and Methods

You are at the right place if you are new to face painting but want to create beautiful art work. No matter how young or professional your models and audience are – you will delight them with these tips!

Use Sponges

Sponges are easy on the skin and easy to use. Make sure that the sponge has a good amount of paint on it. Apply rather lighter paint first and use dark paint or even black and a brush to create more interesting textures on the single color foundation.

Use Few Paints

Most of the above shown examples just used two to four colors. So you don’t need to aim for too many colors and difficult combinations. Some of the above examples have however mixed colors which might be a bit difficult for beginners. Keep it simple.

Use Colors and Paint Abstractly

You don’t need to stress to create the perfect Tiger, Lion or Skull. Create colorful abstract art!