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All aboutYou

You will meet two type of people, those that go to museums, and galleries, and look for art experiences
and those that think that this is all "arty-farty" and would not set foot into a museum.


Tattoo artist

"Museums are not for me"

Erka isn't interested into what is broadly considered fine art. He doesn't go to museums.


Art Enthusiast

"I love to experience art"

Emma is always looking for interesting art experiences, started to buy some oil paintings and connect to fine artists.

Let's welcome Emma on stage

Emma loves museums! She can’t understand that according to studies, 6.5% of Louvre visitors stay less than an hour.

You can spend that time in one single room of the museum! It is absurd that some guests don’t take any time to really have a closer look or to appreciate art-work.

Emma is not alone. The species of museum-goers that might be somewhat related to homo sapiens is expanding. At each vernissage there are dozens of museum-goers. Like Emma, they appreciate oil paintings, sculptures, and discussing what they see. Furthermore, Emma and her friends occassionally share a glass of wine and listen to a jazz jam session. Sure, it is not always just the cliches. She loves watching pulp fiction and dancing as well. She surrounds herself with other nerds. Her co-workers are urbanites to the core and office knights. Her friends love to travel and explore. Her family enjoy a good book. She has heard the name Frida Kahlo and might even have seen her works somewhere.

She believes that avant-garde means that art can help develop the society, can give us new ideas and that we can move ahead.

Usually, she doesn’t meet the average Joe, though.

Let's welcome Erka on stage

Erka loves to connect with his pals. And by no means he doesn’t like paintings. He consumed cartoons and likes it big and bold. Including

my fat ass tattoos!

Erka doesn’t go to museums. Places that seem to appeal only to 65 year old white women. Places that are incredibly silent and boring. He makes no deal that for him, art is “arty-farty”. Despite the fact that he actually enjoys music, dance, tattoo, graffiti…


Are you an Emma or an Erka?

All aboutArt

It is impossible to not being an artist. Our ability of creating and experiencing art is what makes us human.


This was Lost in Shanghai 2018 Lost in Shanghai 2018 body painting outcome group photo a shaman body painting – Lost in Shanghai 2018 Bodypainting at Lost in Shanghai 2018 Afterparty Lost in Shanghai 2018 We organized Lost in Shanghai as a group of art enthusiasts. The wonderful space “Case” on Nanjing East Road opened

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Listen to Philipp’s speech at Lost in Shanghai about why art is what makes us humans! 

We believe that most or maybe even all people are interested in art. We aim also at you as an upcoming artist. 

Try it out! More often than not, the first attempts already can lead to incredible outcomes! 

Go ahead and find top face paints and best body paint brushes and you can get started right away. If you want to get inspired, have a look at these face paint designs.


Share your opinion on Art in comments below!

All aboutUs

We are a group of daredevils that aim at bringing Erka and Emma and all the Erkas and Emmas of this word together. Or as our founder says:


Let's give people the chance to reconnect with their fascination of art. To reconnect with what makes them human in the first place.

We have created Skin and Canvas to bring Emma and Erka together. Together in a place that feels like a rock concert in a museum. That is both loud and quiet. That leaves space, attention and room for more quiet art forms and equally space, attention and room for performances. An event that let’s tattoo artists, dancers, oil painters, sculptors, and body painters to inspire each other . This website is built to propose the view that art is what makes us human. We want to foster respect, interest and exchange. 


On this website you will also find a lot of information about tools and advice to create art. While the events are open to all art forms – or at least most – we focus here mostly on the “skin” aspect of the event and provide advice for face painting and body painting. This can also be a beautiful first step for people who want to get a tattoo: get a body painting first and see how you like it. 

We review the best face painting colors and the best body painting colors. Besides the artistic aspect, we value colors that don’t harm the environment or the health of the models. In the end, the skin is not only the canvas of the artwork it is also a human organ that gives us the sensation of feel. Explore our advice and add your comments.


Feel free to share our website, advice, and events with your friends!  


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