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What's coming up next

For the last months of 2018, we have a goal: 

Create this website and a community of art lovers around it. Our goal has always been to inspire people and to promote the creation of art. Uplifting art first and foremost and to have fun in the process of creation. In the next months, we want to provide more space for artists to be introduced to the community, listen to their stories and share their works on this website and in our letters. 

We also want to grow this website in terms of articles and advice. Promoting the “practical” side of art. Promoting the potential to just go ahead and create. We also look forward to organizing more events in the next year. Subscribe to our “letters”. We will put the word out of what’s happening next and will ask you where we should organize an event. Candidates include Berlin, Capetown, the steppes of Mongolia, Bangkok’s colorful quarters or the metropolis of Shanghai. 

Balancing Act

Performance and Bodypainting

We are always trying to find the right balance among the different art forms. The warmth of summer let us into the deserts on the wide plains of Mongolia. You might have watched our video as well and seen what we have achieved in August 2018. In winter, we want to put more emphasis on murals, street art, graffiti, and oil painting. Have enough room to sit down with artists and listen to their stories and motivation. And understand how different art forms can inspire another. 

Winning Tattoo in Skin and Canvas Mongolia 2017

Best Tattoo Skin and Canvas Mongolia 2017
This tattoo was created live during the event!

Tattoo is clearly among the most controversial art forms. Sub-cultures use tattoos as codes and identifiers. Yet today, tattoo art has found its way from the underworld of the cities to the high-street. It has become an expression of individualism. We want to explore what it means to the individual. Museums usually don’t feature tattoos. Fine art enthusiasts rarely get in touch with the tattoo world. That’s why we brought tattoos to Skin & Canvas – live on stage. In a separate room, seven different tattoo artists created their work to the beats of hip hop creating works of incredible detail in sessions that lastet for hours. 

Above, the Best Tattoo that was created live at the session. It reflects anecdotes to Mongolia’s history and culture highlighting symbols of Xac and Mongolian script and the duality of queens and warriors that shaped the world. Clearly, the queen being the dominating element that brings color into this world! 

Skin & Canvas

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